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     In August 2023, REACH One Foundation received official recognition from the United States Government as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The acronym REACH, representing Reintegrate, Encourage, Acclimate, Change, and Help, embodies the foundation's commitment to extending support beyond barriers of race, age, ethnicity, gender, and the reasons for hardship.

Mission and Values

     REACH One Foundation's mission is to reach out to the downtrodden, homeless, severely impoverished, or those on a negative path. The focus is on helping individuals reestablish themselves by initially boosting their self-esteem and creating an external transformation that aids in their acclimation to society. The foundation aims to connect individuals with resources that set them on a path of reintegration and purposeful living.

     The belief that looking good leads to feeling good underlines the REACH One Foundation's approach. The organization strives to change the way individuals perceive themselves by altering their self-image positively. The transformative experience is intended not only to enhance self-esteem but also to increase self-worth, instilling a drive that emotionally empowers individuals and positively impacts their lives.


Our Journey to Empower Others

The origins of REACH One Foundation can be traced back to a time before Keona and Jay crossed paths. Independently, both were actively involved in community service through street ministries, prison outreach, working with children, and providing essential services such as food and haircuts to the homeless.

The year 2016 marked a significant turning point when Jay collaborated with the Salvation Army to provide haircuts to the homeless. This annual commitment on Thanksgiving and Christmas laid the foundation for what was to come. In 2019, the pivotal meeting between Jay and Keona occurred, solidifying their shared desire to contribute to positive change.

As 2020 unfolded, Keona joined Jay in his efforts to support the homeless, providing invaluable assistance. The duo began strategic planning in 2021, aiming for a more visible impact on creating positive change. In 2022, they organized a small business expo to bring together the community after the challenges posed by COVID-19. This served as a precursor to the formal establishment of REACH One Foundation, which became a reality in March 2023.



Jay began Volunteering at the Salvation Army


In late 2018, Keona and Jay crossed paths, and an instant connection sparked between them. By mid-2019, they evolved from acquaintances to close friends, engaging in discussions about the impactful changes they aspired to bring about in society.


The momentum of community action briefly halted due to COVID-19. However, in mid-2020, the planning process reignited with renewed energy and determination.


Jay and Keona began partnering with the Salvation Army again by volunteering for haircuts for the homeless. Their remarkable desire to help was observed and admired.


Jay and Keona organized a series of events to amplify the REACH Foundation's presence and garner exposure. Swiftly transforming their vision into a state-recognized nonprofit entity, they garnered increasing support from friends, relatives, and community members who recognized the duo's passion for driving positive change. In August 2023, the REACH Foundation achieved 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and is now actively developing and implementing the intended programs.

Our Vision for a Better World

REACH Foundation is in its initial stages, focusing on scholarship funding to develop comprehensive programs for transitional housing, drug treatment, psychological care, and dental care. Our goal is to evolve into a robust organization, mirroring the support provided by our community partners. As we embark on this journey, we aim to become a flourishing and impactful entity, fostering positive change in our community.

Strategic Objectives:

1. Transitional Housing (Years 1-3):

  • Secure funding for transitional housing programs.

  • Forge partnerships with housing providers.

  • Implement pilot programs and assess effectiveness.

2. Drug Treatment (Years 4-5):

  • Expand scholarship funding to include drug treatment initiatives.

  • Collaborate with rehabilitation centers for program development.

  • Raise awareness about the intersection of substance abuse and homelessness.

3. Psychological Care (Years 6-8):

  • Integrate psychological care into our scholarship initiatives.

  • Form partnerships with mental health professionals and clinics.

  • Leverage technology for telehealth services.

4. Dental Care (Years 9-10):

  • Extend scholarship funding to cover dental care.

  • Collaborate with dental clinics and practitioners.

  • Conduct community outreach to emphasize the importance of oral health.


Program Evolution:

  • Continuously assess and adapt programs based on feedback and impact assessments.

  • Implement technological solutions for streamlined operations and improved accessibility.

  • Explore educational initiatives to support holistic development.


Expansion and Sustainability:

  • Extend program reach to neighboring regions, establishing satellite offices or partnerships.

  • Foster enduring collaborations with governmental bodies for sustained support.

  • Develop an endowment fund to ensure the long-term sustainability of scholarship initiatives.


Long-Term Vision: REACH Foundation envisions becoming a rich and viable organization, exacting positive change in the community. By expanding each program component, we aspire to be a vital resource, offering comprehensive support that aligns with the impactful contributions of our esteemed community partners. Through dedication, strategic planning, and the generosity of supporters, we aim to create lasting and transformative impact in the lives of those we serve.

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